Business Development

The business development sector plays an increasingly important role among the activities carried out by Sinergie, because of its strategic importance for enterprises, also in light of the provisions included in Next Generation EU programme and PNRR (National Plan for Recovery and Resilience). Topics such as innovation, sustainability and digital transformation represent one of the main guidelines for future developments. 

Sinergie offers consulting services to enterprises and start-ups interested in growing and developing new ideas, suggesting the most effective solutions to make use of opportunities offered by regional, national and European calls for proposal. To this aim, it provides professional support and advice throughout the procedure, from the feasibility study to the preparation of the application, from the selection of possible partners to actual funding. 

In order to ensure an integrated service in all its business development activities, Sinergie collaborates with Village to guide its clients throughout the procedure, thanks to a continuative professional and consulting support.

Village is a service company supporting the strategic and operational path of enterprises, by identifying opportunities in terms of subsidised finacne and corporate finance. In particular:

          • It monitors and scouts available opportunities.
          • It carries out pre-feasibility studies to match the company’s investments / projects and the identified facilitations.
          • It carries out a feasibility study and drafts the project.
          • It provides support in the fruition of the subsidy.
          • It prepares and economic-financial analysis and a business plan.
          • It assists in the organisational, commercial and marketing development of the business plan.

Subsidised Finance

It is a financing formula which offers companies financial and fiscal tools. These tools, defined by the legislator in the context of structured normative frameworks, will foster, support and acceleratedevelopment and investment projects within companies, thus contributing to the economic growth of the country.

How it works

We listen to your project and identify its key success factors.

We match your idea with available venture funds.

We support the development of your idea thanks to the resources obtained and by providing assistance to ensure that the normative framework is respected.

Our working method

We monitor subsidies available to the company, by assessing the ones that are more in line with the client’s needs at a regional and national level. We also identify the most suitable solutions to achieve the results and the opportunity of combining more tools to maximise the financing effect. We participate in all the phases of the process to obtain and effectively use the fundings. 

Feasibility study.

Project preparation.

Consultancy and assistance in the relation with the provider.

Management, monitoring and reporting of the project.

Corporate Finance

Set of analysis and assessment techniques supporting the operational and financing decisions of the enterprise, whose correct use can influence the company’s performance.

How it works

We listen to your company’s needs.

We co-build a strategy for the improvement and/or the consolidation of the economic and financial balance.

We define the financing tools to achieve an effective and efficient management of the enterprise. 

Our workig method

We provide your company with the most appropriate financial tools to manage and develop strategic relations with providers such as banks, financial intermediaries and investors on the one hand; partners, clients, suppliers and stakeholders on the other hand. We deal with activities such as:

Economic-financial analysis of your business.

Economic-financial analysis of the sector and/or the main competitors.

Preparation of the business plan of your company and your entrepreneurial project in all its organisational, economic and financial components, with a focus on the financial needs and the sources of coverage. 

Preparation of the Pitch Deck.

Assessment on the use of financial sources.

Start-ups and innovative SMEs

Companies with special requirements and goals, such as the promotion of technological development, innovation and growth of the country, which can benefit from specific subsides.

How it works

When referring to start-ups, you are also referring to ideas. Therefore, it is important to develop a strategy by answering these questions:

What is your idea and why do you think it will work?

How is it different from other ideas?

What are its main strengths and possible weaknesses?

Do you have all the necessary skills and competences to implement your idea?

How long will it take for the idea to become operational?

Which resources do you need?

Do you believe in your project? Are you willing to invest and promote it?

Our working method

We assess the best solutions to make your idea grow, we analyse all the available alternatives also in combination with other tools, we provide advice and assistance to your project in the following phases:

Preliminary feasibility study.

Market analysis and definition of action plans for the launch and the development of the company.

Economic-financial forecasts and quantification of the pre-money value.

Documents to present the project and the business plan.

Assistance in the organisational, marketing, commercial and financial development of the business plan.