EU Projects

The term “EU project management” refers to the application, management and reporting of projects which applied to calls for proposal issued within the framework of programmes funded by the European Commission.

The areas of intervention of European projects are multiple: innovation and research promotion, training, education, support to business, environment protection, social protection, health care, rights and justice, promotion of culture, infrastructures, territorial integration.

Each project aiming at benefitting from European funds must prove to have a specific added value. European projects, therefore, have a deep genesis and require a careful analysisand activity plan, so that they are in line with the priorities set by the European Commission.

Usually, European projects are implemented in teamwork. They represent an important factor of visibility, reputation and positioning, as well as a development, internationalisation and networking opportunity for participating enterprises and institutions. 

Thanks to its experience, Sinergie can take on different roles: that of Coordinator and/or project partner in case of projects that are in line with its mission, or alternatively that of strategic consultant for the whole participation process in a European project. 

Scouting and Positioning

Systematic monitoring of all the opportunities offered by European programmes on interesting topics for your company; analysis of the opportunities that are more in line with the project idea and preparation of a preliminary study and a roadmap to bring your innovation to Europe.

Networking and Support in the Creation of a Partnership

Support to the creation of a Consortium, by searching for national and international Partners and stakeholders, and by managing relations with them. In order to ensure a better visibility to the project, Sinergie makes use of its network of consolidated contacts at an European and extra-European level (Norway, Switzerland, Georgia, Armenia, Japan, Israel and Bhutan).

Project Drafting

Preliminary definition of the project framework; drafting of the entire project proposal from a technical-financial point of view, application and negotiation with the EU management authority. First information on intellectual property (IP) and on intellectual propery rights (IPR) management.

Project Management

Kick-off and strategic-operational implementation of the project in all its steps; coordination of the partnerships, management of institutional relations with the Commission and other stakeholders; periodic monitoring and follow-up of supervision of the project; identification of problems and deviations from the origianl plan and consequent corrective measures; scheduling and organisation of technical project meetings and periodic reviews recommended by the EU.

Financial Management and Reporting

Administrative and financial management in line with the standards established by the EU for each funding programme. Verification that project costs were correctly registered for approval. Preparation of intermediate and final financial reports, as periodically requested by EU management authorities.

Communication & Dissemination

Presentation and dissemination of project results to the stakeholders and civil society thanks to communication campaigns which include traditional media, web, social networks, organisation and management of events, workshops and conferences.






Boosting young women entrepreneurial spirit and skills to become the women innovators of the future (Erasmus+)


Creative writing labs to foster STEAM learning (Erasmus+)


Training on energy audits as an energy efficiency driver for the automotive sector (Horizon2020)


Smart energy services to improve energy efficiency in the European building stock (Horizon2020)


Incubator Academy Model for green economy as peer learning action for innovation agencies (Horizon2020)


Energy Conscious Consumers and implementation of ACT4ECO platform (Horizon2020)


Introducing the job profile of a manager for work well-being  (Erasmus+)


Foster European active citizenship through ecological thinking by NGOs (Erasmus+)


Energy and resource management systems for improved efficiency in the process industries (Horizon 2020)


Italian training qualification in building (Intelligent Energy Europe)


Developing an EU standardised approach to vocational educational training awards in healthcare waste management (LLP – 2013)


Implementation of the certification model for mentors in the subsector of ecoindustry (Erasmus + – 2016)


Sector Skills Alliance to cover skill needs through delivery and recognition of EU joint CV in Concentrated Solar Power (Erasmus+)


Towards a European Qualification for Solid Waste Facilities’ Managers (Life Long Learning Programme)


Empowering customers to save energy by informative billing (Intelligent Energy Europe)


Urban manager for security, safety and crisis management (Life Long Learning Programme)


European qualification for occupational safety & health professional (Life Long Learning Programme)