Innovation, new processes and technologies, sectorial and industrial transformations require a constant update of workers and professionals’ skills, and a continuous adaptation to the emerging demands of companies and organisations. 

Therefore, training plays a key role in ensuring competitiveness on the labour market. 

Sinergie supports persons and companies, by offering tailor-made training courses aimed at updating their knowledge and skills. 

Opportunities for enterprises

We design and implement training plans that meet the need for update and qualification of workers and client companies, by identifying the most efficient financing tools and presenting customized project proposals.

Consultancy on specific training projects

A professional, planned and structured training ensures that companies enhance the professional performances of their employees, by supporting the technological and organisational changes needed to be competitive on the market.

Funded training

European, national and regional resources offer companies the tools to launch, accelerate and make evolution easier, so that they are well equipped to face competitive challenges. The most important financing channels are Interprofessional Funds and the European Social Fund, managed by the Regions in which Sinergie operates, Ministries and Public Authorities for specific initiatives. 

Opportunities for persons

We offer training courses for persons, regardless of their working status, to improve their professional and personal skills, boost their competitiveness in the labour market, provide useful updates for job placement or improve / stregthen their current position, in view of a career development.

Funded training to grant a qualification, subsidised by regional, national and European resources (European Social Fund, Forma.Temp, Erasmus+, etc.).

Regulated training

Regular training courses

Skills Certification