Who we are

Founded in 2001 and operating in Reggio Emilia, Sinergie is a meeting point between people, companies and institutions, contributing to the sustainable development in a context that is constantly changing from a social, economic and cultural point of view.

Sinergie is active at a national and international level to help human capital flourish and develop as a key element for individual well-being, ensuring the competitive advantage of a business, the social and economic development of a territory.

Our method is based on listening, which is fundamental to make an accurate needs analysis, followed by the presentation of development plans consistent with the needs and characteristics of the training system and the entrepreneurial world, and finishing with the implementation of research and development projects in collaboration with the innovation ecosystem.

Sinergie is not only our name, it is the synthesis of our identity, our experience and our working method.


In the current competitive context, the main difference lies in the ability to create value for the clients, by guiding them along the new paths of innovation, sustainability and digital transformation.

Synergies multiply individual skills, integrate knowledge and competence, and allow the sharing of experiences, ideas and projects.

Building a network of relations based on mutual trust, respect, commitment and reliability allows us the opportunity to provide high-level solutions and services.


Sinergie acts a facilitator and an interlocutor to implement the economic and social transformation needed to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, as set in Agenda 2030, by supporting:

      • The creation of update and qualification courses for the specialisation of technical and professional skills, in order to support people in their job placement or upgrade in the labour market. Training succeeds in satisfying the need for new skills, and at activating and supporting competitiveness and innovation of enterprises.
      • The development of our country from a technological, social and economic point of view, through subsidised finance and strategic consultancy.
      • Fostering research and innovation by designing and implementing projects in the context of Horizon Europe and other EU programmes.